Simplified metrics for your SaaS platform

Record and analyse any number or type of events from within your SaaS platform, from sign-up's to monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Measure everything, learn something new

Fed up of over complicated analytics? Track just what you need.

Multiple projects, unlimited metrics and events. Track your sales, sign-ups, monthly recurring revenue (MRR), track anything you want.

App screenshot
Create any type of metric.
From user sign-up's to monthly recurring revenue (MRR), you decide which metrics you need to track.
Any type of platform.
Track metrics in any type of platform, including web (both backend and frontend), no-code builders and native mobile apps.
Simple API.
Use our embedable JS script or call our API directly to track the metrics using simple POST requests.
Share access.
Give access to third parties such as SEO agencies or business partners.
Simple or in depth analysis.
View simple metrics or dig deeper with customisable graphs and funnels.
Database backups.
All backed up in the cloud for peace of mind.

Keep track of what you need

Simplifed statistics

We've grown tired of over-complicated analytics. Our clients just want easy-to-understand simplified statistics such as sales this month compared to last month, user churn and MRR.

It doesn't matter how big your business is, we just want to build, measure and learn. Finding out what works and what doesn't work is all part of the process and our platform was built for easy of use and simplifed analysis whether you're a seasoned developer or first-time builder.

  • Create any type of metric. Simple sales counters, page views, user churn, any type of metric can be created.
  • Track usage. By passing a unique user identifier you can track users from landing pages, page views, clicks, and sales - all anonymously.
  • Simple stats or drill deeper. Group, filter in any way you want - allowing you to build reports and funnels tailoried exactly to your needs.

We currently have a number of beta testers providing essential feedback, helping us to iron out the bug list and requesting features which you'll love...

Confuseed and overwhelmed?

Simplified analytics

While Google Analytics may be the go-to analytics software (mainly as its free), most people we speak to have said its too complex and confusing.

We agree, so we've also created a simplified analytics tool.

Get data on when, where and how visitors have made it to your web site with a simple interface and all the information you need.

Filter visitor data with metrics and create funnels to see the path visitors travel and work out how to make better decisions as a business owner.

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